As music programs in schools continue to decline, the Music Performance Trust Fund has been increasing its support and commitment in this area. At present, approximately 35% of available funds are earmarked for in-school programming. The MPTF is proud to co-sponsor programs that not only present live music to the children, but also incorporate historic, instrumental and theoretical workshops. To continue its funding of these invaluable programs, MPTF is broadening its local and nationwide search for philanthropic support. Below represents just a few of MPTF’s invaluable school programs.

The MPTF supported 528 school program performances during our 2022-23 fiscal year. Over $660,000 was committed to fund these events, the largest music education expenditure in over two decades. From contemporary jazz and Latin jazz, to big bands, and from opera to chamber groups and full orchestras, professional musicians brought opportunities for musical discovery to young people from kindergarten to 12th grade throughout North America. 

Professional musicians are often educators themselves, earning advanced degrees and vast stage experience. Their school program performances introduce students to musical diversity, the rich history of musical composition, and the array of instrumentation, from brass to woodwinds, strings to percussion. 

The MPTF has continued its recent efforts to join other not-for-profit organizations to bring live music to classrooms and assemblies throughout North America. These relationships include the Save the Music Foundation and a renewed relationship with Young Audiences Arts for Learning. The MPTF and Young Audiences began partnering over sixty years ago. However, the joint efforts were phased out in the 1990’s. New programs are currently being reviewed to re-establish this venerable collaboration.